Dances with Wolves" Versus "A Man Called Horse

Topics: Dances with Wolves, Sioux, Pawnee Pages: 4 (1485 words) Published: May 16, 2013
In Dances with Wolves, John Dunbar, a soldier in the Civil War, ran out in the middle of a firefight on a horse, a suicidal action that ended up showing bravery and strength. This act had earned him a promotion to Second Lieutenant and job as a scout for land and enemies in the Frontier of America. For the first few weeks of his new post on the Great Plains, Second Lieutenant John Dunbar was quite lonely, with only his new horse Cisco, the horse he had ridden on the day of his promotion, to keep him company. Soon, a wolf with two white feet started to visit every day, and John developed an attachment to the wolf, eventually naming him Twosocks. Around this time, Kicking Bird of the nearby Sioux tribe came to investigate the fort, and John ran toward him screaming, buck naked. This was the start of the great friendship between the Sioux and John Dunbar, otherwise known as Dances with Wolves. When Kicking Bird returned to John’s post, he brought a friend, and had a mind to trade to start a truce. Although communication was slow, both sides of the language barrier were obviously trying to stay patient and work through the obstacles. Over time, communication began to speed up, and Kicking Bird along with John started to understand each other on a mental level. During these important scenes it becomes clear as to what the movie was conveying: Even over the barriers of race, society and language, friendship and family will always jump over the walls and flourish.

The Sioux tribes of Indians were a nomadic people, moving from place to place to follow the herds of buffalo, which were their main source of food, sport, and clothing. Even being nomads, they were very protective of their land, and if any non-Sioux stepped across their borders, the enemy was sure to die. The carriage man that drove John Dunbar out to the military post was killed while eating lunch; however, this was not the case with John. After being startled by the white-man, Kicking Bird went back to...
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