Dai Qing

Topics: Three Gorges Dam, Yangtze River, Hubei Pages: 6 (2342 words) Published: January 24, 2013
Dai Qing, who is the daughter of a revolutionary martyr, former missile technician and one time intelligence agent, Dai Qing is a fearless journalist who has been outspoken in her opposition to the Chinese government's plans for the Three Gorges dam. Dai Qing’s battle is fighting against “the most environmentally and socially destructive project in the world” and her ongoing work to safeguard Beijing’s dwindling water supplies. And she has very high reputation in the whole world as a fearless social and environmental activist by working as a missile technician and intelligence agent. But from an interview, she said frankly, “I think people now are holding a wrong idea of me. I’m not an activist nor dissident, as you know, I am a writer. More specifically, I’m a historical investigative journalist. So my mission is, and only is to dig out something really happen in China and tell the truth.” We can clearly see in the past four hundred years, the water supply has changed significantly because of the rapidly growing human activities. And it brings China fierce consequences: Deforestation, water and soil erosion, sediment accumulation, raised water riverbed, enervate reservoir ability and rapid happened flood. Maybe Environment is the biggest problem in nowadays China. So Chinese people especially the central government should take serious attention and plans to control the bad situation! But despite national and international opposition to the mega-project and a decided lack of international investors, the Chinese government began work on the Three Gorges Dam in 1994. Construction is expected to take 20 years. Believing they still have a chance to stop construction, Dai Qing and international environmental groups continue to challenge the gargantuan dam. This is a very precious willpower and determination which led her win the 1993 Goldman Environmental Prize. She has a very profound perspective about the truth of what the Three Gorge Dam did from 1994 construction till now. And she has a very sharp attitude towards Chinese politics and central government regulation of all these issues. She calls in question about the major problems caused by the dam to government and always tried to speak in public to try to call for people’s recognition of what is the truth! From the interview, she has a very clear point, when the reporter asked her what she thought was the biggest problem nowadays China was facing; and she replied, “I think first, the most serious problem is surely the environment and the level we know about environment and the way we treat environment! And the second one would be the constitution issue. We should own the rights to speak what we really think about. It is democracy and also the basic human right!” Dai Qing was never afraid of getting any threat from anyone though most of people in the world know how careful people are talking about sensitive topics. But she is the very different one. Maybe I can say, even not only in Chinese recent history, also in other countries, it’s very hard to believe a woman is fighting and devoting herself of such righteous, significant but dangerous career. The prize has given to the right person since Ms. Dai helped the world know more about what is truth instead of rumor spreading. Her dauntless, dedicated and impartial personalities help the world to fight for the right things and choose the right way for us to go. Ms. Dai told us, "The highest expression of dignity can be summed up in the single word 'No!' - being able to say 'No!' when you disagree." As a matter of fact, now the situation is: If completed on the Yangtze River according to the current plan, Three Gorges just reached its highest water retaining which is exactly 175 meter. The 175 meter high dam will create a narrow lake 600 kilometers long, flood 800 villages, force the resettlement of over 1.8 million people and submerge 100,000 hectares of China's most fertile farmland. It will also...
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