D1 Compare the Rights and Responsibilities of Employers and Employees in Your Chosen Business

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  • Published : October 18, 2012
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Compare the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees in your chosen business


All employers and employees in Asda have rights and responsibilities to each other they both should expect their rights to be upheld. Most right and responsibility’s correspond with one and other with means they over lap even if you are an employer or an employee.

The equal opportunity legislation states that all employees and employers in Asda should receive the same pay and circumstances for carrying out parallel tasks. There are also laws which are set out for both employees and employers in which case they need to abide by this include

• Sex

• racial

• disability

These are laws which apply to employer and employs because there is conflict like this in both aspects of business it happens to everyone.

The minimum wage act sets out the minimum wage that employees should get during work at Asda. The minimum wages are:-

• £6.08 for 21 and over

• £4.98 for 18-20

• £3.68 for 16-17

• Apprentices per hour its £2.60.

The minimum wage increases in time but these changes are made rarely this over laps both employers and employees because they both need to get paid for what they do and they need to get pay are the right amount this act cover them both.

All Asda employees are suggested to receive the terms and conditions of their work when they start work this is talked about in the induction; the terms and conditions are what their main duties are and who they are accountable to it also includes rates of pay and holiday entitlements.

The health and safety act sets out responsibilities and rights for both employees and employers. The Employees in Asda are expected to carry out their tasks in a way that regards to the health and safety of others where as the employer is...
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