Cypop 5 Task 1.1 Legislation and Role of Regulatory Body

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  • Published : February 22, 2013
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1.1  Outline the current legislation covering home based childcare and the role of regulatory bodies

As a home base childcare provider, I must ensure that the current legislations are carried out and practised according to the relevant governing bodies.

I must ensure that the requirements of the Children Act 2004 are met. It was put into place to improve the overall well-being in children and in later life. There are five outcomes that are key to achieving this. * Be healthy – so that they are physically, mentally and emotionally healthy and have a healthy lifestyle. * Staying safe – being protected from harm, neglect, accidental injury and death, bullying and discrimination, anti-social behaviour in and out of school, have security and stability and are cared for. * Enjoying and achieving – so that they are ready for school, attend and enjoy school and achieve personal and social development and enjoy recreation. Getting the most out of life and develop skills for adulthood. * Making a positive contribution – so that they support their community and environment, law-abiding and positive behaviour in and out of school, develop positive relationships and choose not to bully and discriminate. * Economic well-being – so that they can achieve their full potential in life through further education, employment and training and not be prevented by economic disadvantage.

I must ensure that under the Data Protection Act 1998, any personal paperwork concerning the children in my care are to be protected to ensure confidentiality, unless the parent/carer gives permission for it to be shared. I will make sure that I store the personal information and photographs in a cupboard/safe out of public viewing.

I must ensure that under the Equality Act 2010 that all the children in my care are treated fairly. Whether it is their race, religion and beliefs or no religion and belief, disabilities, and age. I will anticipate the needs and make reasonable...
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