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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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1.4 Explain how current health and safety legislation, policies and procedures are implemented in own work setting or service.

Can anyone tell me if im on the right track?? I really need some guidance but find myself having to look through pages and pages on the internet! I cant think of anything else that we do but there must be more?

Within my work setting we follow The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. It is the employer’s duty to put policies and procedures into place to ensure that the setting is meeting the standards of The Health and Safety at Work Act and the employee’s duty to make sure these are followed. We follow this act by making sure that the building and environment is well maintained, clean and safe. Equipment is stored properly and is regularly checked to ensure it is safe. Hazardous materials and equipment is locked away and we follow the COSHH act. We have systems in place to ensure the safety of children at all times i.e. fire procedure, accident and illness procedure. We provide adequate facilities to suit the needs and abilities of all children and young people and all members of staff are qualified, CRB checked and given regular training. Gloves and aprons are worn at all times when dealing with bodily fluids to prevent cross-infection. All accidents and incidents are recorded are reported to the correct person. Practitioners are first aid qualified and are able to deal with minor injuries within the setting. First aid boxes and fire extinguishers are in every room along with a fire whistle to alert other rooms of a fire. We have a health and safety officer who oversees the running of the setting and ensures that risk assessments are regularly carried out and updated. Staff members are given guidance on cyp
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