Cyberbullying: Bullying and People

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  • Published : April 6, 2013
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Bullying? Be Smart. Don’t Start.

Cyber Bullying is a controversial issue among children and teens all over the world. In the film Cyberbully, a teenage girl by the name of Taylor Hildridge, falls victim to online bullying. Her mom gets her a new computer for her birthday and Taylor soon goes online to a social website called Cliquesters to meet new friends. While on the site, she is targeted and is constantly called nasty names. As the bullying continues, she attempts suicide. Luckily, she finds out that she is not going through this alone and seeks help from a help group along with other classmates. This film was directed by: Charles Binane, produced by: Jesse Purpus, and written by: Teena Booth. It was released July 17, 2011 and filmed in Montreal. The film makes a very important point that cyberbullying is a genuine problem and that people do not realize how much harm they are doing to one person. Cyber bullying is becoming an increasingly vital issue, affecting our society at large.

Bullying someone is cruel and mean. When people are victims of bullying it makes them feel uncomfortable, miserable, sad, worthless, and it has damaging effects. Referring to the film, Taylor’s feelings were hurt when she is called out of her name. When Taylor gets back to school people start to treat her differently because of what was said on the website. One of her closest friends turned her back on her. And it turned out that her other close friend did the bullying. This shows that you cannot put anything past anyone and that anyone is capable of doing anything, no matter how much you think you may know someone. Taylor soon felt that everyone at school was against her. This led her to make a video about the “real” her and concluding by saying “this is the end”. She then attempted suicide by taking pills.

Although there is nothing positive about being a bully, there are people who disagree. There are some people who will make bullying something that is not as bad as...
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