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Cyber-bullying is becoming more common and more severe with the expansion of the Internet and social networking technologies. The information presented in this research paper should give people a better understanding of what a cyber-bully is, how harmful they can really be, and how to prevent cyber-bullying from happening. It can be used to help victims realize they are not alone and should not give into a bully’s dangerous behaviors. Cyber-bullying is technology powered and will only get worse as technology becomes more widespread. By understanding how a cyber-bully works we will be able to protect better youth populations as technology grows. This research is intended to inform today’s youth and parents that if they see any kind of bullying happening in front of them, stop it if possible, and then report it.

Bullying is an old problem that has always been around affecting children, especially in schools, where a group or an individual carry out aggressive, intentional behavior against a victim who cannot defend himself easily (Whitney & Smith, 1993). The expansion of communication technologies is widening the way bully’s can torture their victims giving them a whole new platform for their actions. The use of computers and mobile phones are used by young people to harass, threaten, embarrass, or target another person in many ways. Cyber bullying, also referred to as social online cruelty, can be described as an intentional aggressive act which is carried out by an individual or  group of individuals against a victim done repeatedly over a long period of time and sent through electronic  contacts. Cyber bullying is usually repeated over time unless it is a death threat. The definition of cyber bullying is limited to children while in adults; it is referred to as cyber harassment or cyber stalking. Cyber-bullying is becoming a major problem and we all need to do our part in figuring out what can be done to stop cyber-bullies. In this research, we will look at some instances of cyber bullying, its psychological effects on the teenagers and steps that can be taken to prevent it. Cyber bullying is very common among teenagers, children, and preteens, it occurs when one is threatened, harassed, embarrassed or humiliated with digital and interactive technologies, the internet or with mobile phones. The methods used in cyber bullying by children are only limited to one's access to technology and imagination. Some cyber-bulling messages can be communicated through text, e-mails, instant messaging, web pages, blogs, chat rooms, or any other information communication technologies. Children always change roles either as the bully or as the victim. At one time, a child can be the bully and shortly after become the victim (Jacobs, 2010). Cyber bullying can take different forms, which may include one or a number of the following acts. It may involve sending threatening, vulgar and mean images or messages, posting private and sensitive information about another person and excluding someone on purpose from a social online group. Cyber bullying can as well be as simple as continuing an email sent by someone and sending it to someone else with unfriendly information about someone else. It can also involve making fun and teasing someone and defamation. It can as well be websites created where kids can vote against other kids. For example, if a student is bombarded by anonymous threatening and taunting emails at home, even though there is no direct harassment at school. The victim has no idea who is sending the messages and starts to feel like everybody is against them. That student is being cyber bullied. Another example, a school bulletin board is spammed with name-calling posts that...
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