Cyber Bullying Solution

Topics: Bullying, Abuse, Adolescence Pages: 2 (491 words) Published: February 13, 2011
Cyber bullying is a serious issue. It is harassment caused over the internet or mobile phones. Cyber bullying occurs when a child torments, harasses, or threatens another child. This is never involved with an adult or that is known as cyber stalking. There is actually a law against cyber bullying. Students think it’s so cool to bully others when they are just playing around but the victim will most likely take it offensive. Media’s role has become important and big, and has consequences one of which is cyber bulling by both teens plus adults. With today’s technology bullying has become easier then ever; the children and youth of this generation do not need to have personal confrontation. Cyber bulling has become a major issue amongst teens and it is hurting people on a large scale Alexis Pilkington “was a popular athlete… [Who] had already landed a soccer scholarship,” ( Although Alexis was popular that did not stop the bullies from targeting her for harassment. She was bullied until she committed suicide. Even after her death it was documented that the cyber bulling continued. Another incident of cyber bullying was when a mother of a teenage girl decided to seek revenge at a former family friend, 13 year old named Megan. The mother added Megan on myspace pretending to be a local teenage boy. She I.M. Megan day & night, telling her how much” the teen aged boy “cared for her. When the messages became appalling saying she was a bad friend , a slut ,and is fat. The cruel message “devastated Megan…the stress and frustration was too much for Megan, who had a history of depression”( On Oct 16, 2006 Megan committed suicide.Cyber bullying as progressed to every age group. Mothers, fathers, brothers, sister, and friends all are potential bullies or victims of cyber bullying. Not only are teens instigators or the ones affected, but so, too are adults. Cyber bullying can be defined as any communication posted or sent online, by instant...
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