Cyber Space a Burden or a Blessing

Topics: Cyberspace, Need, Want Pages: 4 (1242 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Name: Abdulrasheed Yusuf ID: 47022 Sec: 35 Date: 13/10/2012 Assignment: Essay 1st draft

Cyber space a burden or a blessing.
The articles “Welcome to Cyberia” (Kadi, 1994) and “Cyberspace: if you don’t Love it leave it” (Dyson, 1995), both discuss cyberspace flaws and its benefits and if it should be controlled or not. Kadi(1994) in her article discusses about giving cyberspace a reality check in different aspects she explains that cyberspace is a bad influence and has disconnected people from the real world, unlike the Dyson’s article which says that people get to use the cyberspace however they want and when they want also that the cyberspace is here to stay and has done a lot of good and there is nothing we can do about it Kadi sounded annoyed rather than convincing in her article and did not provide a lot of suitable examples to support her claim. Dyson on the other hand sounded very sure of her claim and very convincing and also supported her claim with various examples. In the article “Welcome to cyberia”, Kadi (1994) discuses about how the world needs a reality check when it comes to cyberspace but the article discusses mostly about the disadvantages of the cyberspace and how it has disconnected people from the world and is very misleading and addictive she uses the term cyber junkies for people who are addicted to cyberspace. The article describes how people prefer the world of cyberspace than the real world and gives an example of AOL (America online where people communicate with one another and joining different cliques depending on what they like. Dyson’s (1995) article discuses how the cyberspace is the only place where people are free from the government, the article also proposes that the answer to restricting some particular things such as porn etc is not labelling or banning those questionable materials. She uses the term real estate in the article to describe the cyber space users have...
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