Cyber- Romances- Rachel Ivancic

Topics: Online dating service, Interpersonal relationship, Dating Pages: 8 (2857 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Rachel Ivancic
Thomas University

Cyber Romances or social relationships are connections developed by two or more people involving constant communication and interaction. The majority of people, who are involved in online romances, usually end up exploring these ventures offline. The budding of these interactions are when people find new contacts after accessing the net and social network, cf. (Wellman & Gulia, 1999). New relationships that occur online are often considered to have very weak ties, for example, not having any chemistry or intimate bonds on a personal level, like two people in a relationship are suppose to experience. For example, information being exchanged between colleagues, friends, who are miles away from you. However, individuals involved in cyber-romances have the ability to develop strong ties whether it is through platonic friendships or romantic relationships. A telephone survey taken in 1995, showed that 14% of US citizens that had access to the internet reported having become familiar with people on the net that they referred to as “friends”, finding no differentiation between romantic and non-romantic relationships (Katz & Aspden, 1997). After viewing numerous surveys which focused on active people in news groups involved in online dating websites, most ended up maintaining close relationships with others via the use of the internet increasing statistics to 61%, (53% friendships, 8% romantic) (Park & Floyd, 1996). The amounts of people increasingly affected by cyber-romances are indirectly associated with falling in love strictly from other online internet sources. Cyber-affairs (romances) are results of the socio-statistic composition of the net’s population usually pertaining to the people who are considered to be the minority, meaning, there are 9,177 people active online today (14% women, 86% men) and several have participated in the Cooper, Scherer, Boles and Gordon’s survey (WWWsurvey, 1999). The results of this survey revealed that 80% of those participants ended up with a steady partner and approximately 50% were married. Many relationships/ marriages have developed from social websites like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and are just a few examples of dating websites known for and often result in cyber-romances. Today, many dating networks use online as the primary source of developing relationships., Adultfriendfinder,, Zoosk, and eHarmony, are said to be the top five best online databases surpassing hundreds of others. Although the five aforementioned sites are incomparable, Facebook and Twitter are commonly the two main websites used although they’re technically are not considered to be dating sites; people still use them as a means of finding romance. Facebook and Twitter founded in 2004 and 2006 were created to allow people the opportunity to be more open and connected with the world as well as to communicate with friends, family and co-workers (Covarrubias). Many of these romances can begin with just a simple click of the mouse to view someone’s profile. Another way of connecting through someone’s Facebook page would be browsing through your friends mutual friends and coming across a person that seemed attractive or interesting and adding them as your friend to find out more about that person. Now-a-days some people do not consider relationships to be “legit” unless it officially states so on one’s Facebook profile. Someone’s profile can tell you anything from their personal information (i.e. school attended, age, hobbies/interests) to their likes, dislikes etc. Apart from being attracted to someone’s physical attributes, profiles with similar interests most times are the basis for a relationship to begin and blossom. In some strange way the Facebook profile creates the feeling that you already know them personally which can bring a feeling of comfort. Although making assumptions can be consequential, it still...
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