Cyber Bully

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Kids use the Internet for hours upon hours each week. They can navigate themselves very well around the World Wide Web. Kids use the Internet to research for school papers or assignments, playing games, and social networking. Just because kids know a lot about using the Internet does not mean that they know very much about Internet safety. Kids do not always know when they are in danger on the Internet. They can be very trusting. Parents need to talk to their children about the dangers involved in social networking.

What is social networking

Kids probably do not even realize that they are “social networking” when they actually are. To them, they are just hanging out with friends using the Internet. Parents should begin by explaining that social networking is connecting with people who have similar interests, go to the same school, or are from the same place. Social networking, by definition, seems harmless, but there are a lot of hidden dangers.

What are some social networking websites

Some of the most popular social networking websites include MySpace and Classmates. There are other sites, such as Facebook, that seem safer than a website such as MySpace, but it is still considered a social networking site. Though these are some of the most popular social networking sites, these are only three of hundreds of the social networking sites available online.

The dangers of social networking

General kids feel pretty safe if they are chatting or social networking with someone online. They may think that telling people information is no big deal. Some kids trust the people they have met online, or they feel find telling someone something online because it seems so different from telling a total stranger personal information in person. Though it seems different then talking to a stranger in real life, it actually is just that.

Sexual predators

Kids may not be aware that there are people who are online that will lie about who they are so that they can harm them. Parents need to explain that there are people online, called online sexual predators, which are very dangerous. They may seem like a friend, and slowly get personal information out of the child. Their screen names may seem like a regular kid’s screen name so they can easily trick kids who are online social networking. A sexual predator’s profile will most likely portray someone they are pretending to be, even if they have pictures.

• Parents need to explain to children that it is not okay to give out personal information about themselves to people they have met online. it is now even easier for predators to pose as other children with the same interests, activities, like and dislikes as your child. If a child accepts a predator as an online friend, he can find out just about anything he needs to know, including where the child lives.

• Giving full names, addresses, school names, phone numbers, birthdays, and any other type of personal information is very dangerous. Sexual predators can use any combination of personal information to find the child and harm them.

Identity theft
• Child Identity TheftThough child predators are by far the most dangerous potential within the realm of social networking, there are plenty of other scammers, thieves and hackers out there that target children for other reasons. Yes, your child is not old enough to own a credit card, but that doesn’t mean someone hasn’t stolen their identity to use for that very purpose. Child identity theft is increasing at alarming rates, so be careful even as a parent, about the information you offer about your child, such as the exact date of their birthdays, their middle name, or even your maiden name, which is often a question asked when filling out credit card information....
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