CV-3: Features, Services and Pricing Strategy

Topics: Camera, Single-lens reflex camera, Twin-lens reflex camera Pages: 3 (537 words) Published: April 29, 2011
2. New Product Description

2.1 Features
Our company produced a camera with a new concept, which is called mirrorless interchangeable lens camera (MILC), and the name of product is CV-3. The new coming from the old is better than old. The CV-3 which design derived from the digital camera explains this meaning perfectly. Our products have many features, and I will list some key features as flow. 2.11 Key features

Interchangeable sealed lens/sensor units
Built-in flash
Optional electronic viewfinder
UPI technology and Bluetooth
12-megapixel CMOS image sensor for high resolution,
3-inch Super-density 920,000-dot VGA LCD
Make-up mode
2.12 Unique features
The CV-3 obtains the both advantages between digital camera and single lens reflex. The camera body can be digital or single lens reflex by pickup the lens unit. The traditional Sony camera just can be general camera. Comparing with the Sony camera, that means it can meet both needs between amateur photographers and shutterbugs. Another unique feature is that it can upload the pictures you just take to the Internet (UPI) by a WAP card inside the camera.

2.2 Specifications
Size: 114*46*70 mm
Color: White / Black / Purple / Blue / Green / Yellow / Orange / Red / Pink Packaging: A cube box with transparent plastic shell covered, the bottom of the box is printed expressive elements, brisk and intense colors or our creative advertisements.

2.3 Services
“Reputation First, Customers Foremost” is the aim of our service, so our company set a very systematic and fairly perfect after-sale service. To protect customers’ rights, the product can be exchanged or refunded unconditionally with a receipt within 15 days of purchase. For all customers’ convenient, you can hold receipts to any Surmount franchised store which is closed to your living place for returning goods. In addition, we promise that all the CV-3 cameras we sell are guaranteed for one year and provide maintenance for all...
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