Science Spectra

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White Light Spectra

Purpose: To use a prism and raybox to discover the relationship between white light and the visible light spectra. Apparatus:
·Pencil Crayons
·Blank Paper
Procedure: As per Mr. Awrey's demonstration. Observations: Use the blank paper provided to draw the apparatus. use pencil crayons to show how the spectra was produced. Include a paragraph explaining how the apparatus was set up and what was observed. Questions:

1.What is meant by the term "visible light spectra?"
2.How does a prism seperate white light to the colors of the spectra? 3.What are the colors of the visible light spectra? What acronym can be used? 4.Explain why a student wearing a red shirt and black pants is interpreted in our brain as wearing red and black. Answers:

1.It's visible, meaning we can see it. And the light spectra looks like a rainbow light. 2.White light is made up of different colors. When white light goes through the prism it reflects all of its colors. The light bends and refracts. 3.The colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. The acronym can be ROY G BIV. 4.

Conclusion: As a result of performing this lab, I conclude when you shine a ray box onto a prism, it bends the light from the objects shape and shows a light spectra which includes colors. The prism absorbs the light, and the white light reflects off. The spectra is a reflection from the prism. The cones and rods inside of the retina in your eye allow you to see this light.
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