Customer Satisfaction Project

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The customer is a person who buys goods or services for some price. The success of an Enterprise heavily depends on customer Satisfaction. It is the period of customer era. Every customer knows his right and responsibilities.

The relationship between customer and seller is very essential. There should be regular, smooth and friendly relationship between customer and seller. When there is no cordial relationship between customer and seller, then there will be a great danger for the survival of the business.

Customer satisfaction is part and parcel of consumer behaviour. It is necessary to study in detail the various issues of consumer behaviour.


Behavior is a mirror in which everyone shows his or her image. Behaviour is the process of responding to stimuli.
Consumer Behaviour is to do with the activities of individuals in obtaining and using the goods services. It encompasses the decision making process that proceeds and determine purchases.
It is all the psychological, Social and physical behaviour of potential customer as they become aware of evaluate purchase, consume and inform others about the products or services.

Consumer Behaviour is the case of micro behaviour where as consumption behaviour is Macro Behaviour. In other words, consumer behaviour deals with individual’s person while consumption behaviour deals with the mass or aggregate of such individuals.

Consumer Behaviour focuses on the decision process of the individual consumer while consumption Behaviour focuses on the behaviour of the aggregate of consumers. CONSUMER BEHAVIOURS AND BUYER BEHAVIOUR:

The Sphere of consumer behaviour includes the activities of final and intermediate users; the final users are called as end users or ultimate users or consumer in the true sense.
The intermediate users are called as the industrial users who do not consume the goods or services immediately but add further value before they are consumed by the final users.
Therefore “Buyer Behaviour” means the reference made to both end users and intermediate users. Hence, the phrase “Consumer Behaviour” includes only the end users and their actions. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY:

The consumer is the focus of making efforts. The modern marketing concept spells out the real significance of buyer behaviour consumer behaviour is dynamic. It is the consumer predisposition whether positive or negative that makes or mars the profile position of the given product. The study of buyer behaviour takes us to the roots of why a consumer has positive or negative predisposition. Again the study of consumer behaviour has gone more complicated in the light of increasing role of Government in consume movement in all the developing countries. To be successful the manufacture should get answer to the following questions. 1. Who is the consumer?

2. What does the consumer buy?
3. Why does the consumer buy?
4. How does the consumer buy?
5. From whom do the consumer buy?
6. When does the consumer buy?
Answer to the about Questions enable the marketer to determine 1. The deciding authority in purchasing the product.
2. The type of product to be produced.
3. The objectives of purchasing the product.
4. Nature of customer service, style of packing etc.
5. Polices relating to physical distribution, channels of distribution etc. 6. Occasions of purchasing the product.
Hence, the study of Consumer Behaviour is very useful in formulating various marketing policies. 1.2 STATEMENT OF THE STUDY
The study on customer satisfaction helps to know who the consumers are, what they want, how they use, from where they buy, when they buy and react to the product. The wants of the consumer are carefully studied by conducting survey on consumer behaviour. The study also helps to know various marketing variables...
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