Customer Attitudes Toward Bmw Motorcycles

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Details of Research
Customer Attitudes toward BMW Motorcycles: The satisfaction evaluation in brand image, quality perception and price perception of BMW R1200 GS/GSA customers toward purchase loyalty in U.K. Introduction

This final report is the finish summary version of overall information, knowledge, and data of the marketing research under the area of BMW R1200 GS/GSA motorcycles in UK. The BMW Motorrad under the BMW group has been producing motorcycles since 1923 and has providing a variety range of motorcycle styles (bmwgroup, 2012). In addition, the model of BMW R1200 GS/GSA motorcycles is a major consideration motorcycle in adventure sport style for all bikers in UK as it was named in the top ten model of new motorcycles registration (MCIA, 2011). However, The Motorcycle Industry Association defines Adventure motorcycle as “These bikes encompass trials which similar in style to Enduro motorcycles but are predominantly designed and capable for on-road use (MCIA, 2012)”. The objective of this research paper is to discover attitudes of UK customers towards the model. To be more specific, the research paper will look into the association between brand images, quality and price perception of the current riders towards this BMW motorcycle model. Moreover, the research paper will explore customer satisfaction and the loyalty of the brand. Additionally, this research paper will determine the outstanding in product value of BMW R1200 GS/GSA that it has over its rivals in the adventure motorcycle segmentation. The paper will first provide background information of conceptual model in brand equity which would provide a basic understanding of how to measure and manage brand equity. Furthermore, the explanation in the model of satisfaction towards loyalty will be discussed. Besides, the hypothesis of the study model will be illustrated. In the next section, the method of conducting online surveys and the utilization of this technique will be discussed. Thirdly, the interpretation from the obtained data will be shown in the finding and analysis section. Finally, the conclusion of the paper will be discussed to sum up the entire research paper including limitations and ethics issues. Literature review

In the book, Managing Brand Value (Aaker, 1991) has defined the term of brand equity as the connection of the name and emblems to a set of assets that would increase the value of the company’s products or services. In addition, during the customers buying decision process (McKinsey 1996) has found in his research that brands affect 18 percent of total purchase decisions. Therefore, these can be indicated that branding act as one of the significant factors towards customers purchasing. However, the suggestion from (Keller, 2003) stated that the power of a brand would remain in customers ‘mind together with their perceived experiences and they will learn about the brand over time. Hence, there is the development process of strengthen the brand of a company. The figure (2) illustrates the framework of brand equity from (Keller, 2003).

Figure 2 Brand Equity Framework
Source: Keller, K (2003). Building, Measuring and Managing Brand Equity. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Prentice Hall

The framework provides 4 steps that involved in building a strong brand however, the hierarchy of brand equity determine that in order to move up in each level, there is a requirement from the successful of the previous one. The first level, companies have to set up a brand identity which will imply brand silence and would lead customers to aware the brand (Keller, 2003). The next step is to create an appropriated brand meaning involve either performance or imagery that related to the brand (Keller, 2003). Thirdly, it is a significant to response the judgments and feelings (opinion, evaluation and emotional) from the customers to gain brand attitudes in customers point of view (Keller, 2003). Lastly, the companies...
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