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Topics: Capitalism, The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, Sociology Pages: 6 (1733 words) Published: February 9, 2013

The world today believes in change and liberation due to beliefs and values of every society, the quality of living based on individual decisions and moral values are critical in building and of business relationship. It is therefore vital to understand how business and society can be governed and all manner of people and races respected. Every society has taboos and social entities that control its environment; however business and society is based on values that can be created by others though scientific research. According to Weber, The Protestant Ethic is a starting point towards understanding the multiple dimensions of social change. The relationship between business and ethics is interlocked in the sense that a successful company is one which can effectively maintain the relationship which exists between them and the other parties.

For effective corporate management, organization varies due to policies and systems of operation in service deliver, most professionals governed by professional code of ethics invent individual personality. Religious beliefs critically affect each individual spiritual being. Today businesses that have strong corporate codes of ethics are performing well in the long-term. Government policies and competition is vital for survival in every business entity, customer expectations and organization relationships to society are critical in branding and corporate image which differentiates company's offering from those of competitors. To manage it demand for in the long run demands commitment and sound moral behavior. This demonstrates dedication to all stakeholders, ethics enhance how a company operates and also enhances a company's reputation and this brings more profits to the organizations.


Max Weber a German sociologist and political economist (1864 - 1920) aim at understanding the revolution power based of political stability and control of capitalism. With his social and religious beliefs, he investigated to known why the most economically developed districts were the most favorable to a revolution. In his findings, Weber concluded that higher skilled laborers and personnel were overwhelmingly Protestant. He aimed at bring change and revolution. The argument was based on development and education by the Catholics which he believes lead was a cause to nationality imbalance.

Resources were unfairly distributed thus the districts ended up converting protestant, it plumbs the deep cultural forces that affect contemporary work life and the workplace in the capitalist communities, and it plumbs the deep religion forces that affect contemporary work life and the workplace.

He professed religion balance between the Catholic and Protestant parents who usually give their children different kinds of education, in which his believe was that education is an equal asset to both the Catholics and protestants', however he was not font that Catholics have more of a tendency in education while protestants stay in handicrafts and sectors rather than to go into industry. It suggests that their environment has determined the choice peoples occupations seem more likely since for example you would normally expect Catholics to get involved in economic activity. His argument was based on political power and influence and his believe that Protestants had stronger tendencies and capabilities to develop the economy rationalism. To him this was not a philosophy of mere greed but a statement laden with moral language. Creating modern capitalism that affects contemporary life and work place ethically.

Lacks of ethics contribute to a state where the corporate bottom lines make profits through immoral acts. This relents to damaged image and leads to corrupt dealings and poor ethical practices. Managers who promote an atmosphere with high ethical standards create a competitive concept that positions a company above rivals. This will impact help increase revenues...
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