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Cuspers is the generation between the generations we have. For example if someone is born between the generation of Matures and Baby Boomers, they will be a cusper.


- Traditionalists/Boomers (1940-1945)

At the tail end of the generation, may not have actively participated in the wars because they were too young, they were on the leading edge of America's internal struggles, like the women's movement which had not yet officially begun, but many of who were already setting the stage for the eventual movement. The women at this time forged the way into predominately male dominated work environments and could probably tell you some stories that would make any contemporary HR representatives hair curl...or just plumb fall out. Crossing over the lines of communication, cuspers at this time can probably remember fondly listening to the radio as the primary means of entertainment and transitioning to the wild gyrations of Elvis on Television which so captivated and shocked at the same time.

- Boomers/Generation X (1960-1965)

This group was too young to have participated in the protests and bra burnings of the 60's, and Watergate was something they only heard about through TV and Media. These cuspers actually got through school without the use of the computers, or at least before computers were considered a standard items. They were probably indoctrinated heavily into the "Dress For Success" culture of grays, navy's and browns while moving into the "Preppy" collar flipped up polos that came later. They probably remember playing Monopoly, Twister, and Risk, but later gravitated towards Donkey Kong and Space Invaders of the video game culture. Because of their particular positioning this group acclimated very well and quickly to the integration of computers and have been a source to Traditionalists and Boomers who may have had more difficulty transitioning. Notable cuspers include Barack Obama, Bill Gates, and Sarah...
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