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SECONDARY EDUCATION IMPROVEMENT AND DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM (SEDIP) * SEDIP is a curricular innovation which dovetailed the THIRD ELEMENTARY EDUCATION PROJECT (TEEP). * Purpose was to improve access to secondary education in poverty affected areas. * Started – 2000; ended – 2006.

* Initial results showed gains, and best practices replicated in other divisions.

* Improve the quality of secondary education in provinces. * Increase the rates of participation in secondary education in the underserved areas. * Support the decentralization process greater management responsibilities at provincial levels.

1. Development of skills and competencies of school heads in planning and management. 2. Improving teachers’ subject knowledge and teaching skills. 3. Improving the availability of learning materials by providing textbooks, manuals and other instructional materials. 4. Improving the learning environment by construction and rehabilitation of school facilities and equipment. * IMPROVING ACCESS TO SECONDARY EDUCATION

1. Providing schooling alternatives to students who are unable to attend school. 2. Open new school with assistance and collaboration of local government. * FACILITATING DECENTRALIZED SECONDARY EDUCATION MANAGEMENT 1. Innovation which strengthened the planning and management capacity. 2. Supported monitoring and evaluation capacity.

3. Developed policy research management and analysis capacity. 4. Improved educational management information system.
5. Developed local and school based in-service training.
6. Supported new textbook procurement and delivery system.

* Was implemented by CMO 30, s, 2004.
* Offer two (2) education degrees – BEEd Bachelor of Elementary Education and BSEd Bachelor of Secondary Education.

BEEd Bachelor of Elementary Education
* Aims to...
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