Curriculum Development

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Curriculum Development Process
1. This paper describes the curriculum development process that will be used to develop the national curriculum. It also describes the structure of writing teams and consultation groups that will be involved in the national curriculum development. Background

2. The Board is committed to a process of curriculum development in each learning area that: • provides opportunities for consultation
• establishes achievable timelines
• ensures high quality curriculum documents.
3. The proposed process involves four phases:
I. Curriculum shaping
II. Curriculum writing
III. Implementation
IV. Curriculum evaluation and review
4. Major features of the process are as follows.
• Advice is sought at key points from teachers, professional associations and curriculum experts as well as from the broader educational community. • The curriculum documents are benchmarked against existing state and territory curriculum as well as international examples. • Project managers and project officers manage the curriculum development process in each subject, including establishing consultative networks, managing consultation, and managing the work of the writers appointed to draft and revise curriculum documents. • Board appointed Curriculum Advisory Panels will contribute to the monitoring and quality assurance role. These panels will provide advice to the writing teams on the quality of the material during the writing process and contribute to the integrity of the curriculum development process. • The Board and its Curriculum Committee will review and approve curriculum documents at key stages of development. Curriculum

5. The process will produce a curriculum that will include the following elements: • Curriculum content, which details what teachers are expected to teach, and each student is expected to learn. • Achievement standards, accompanied by annotated student work samples and advice on reporting frameworks. ACARA Curriculum Development Process v3.0 4 August 2009 Curriculum development process

6. Project plans, based on the approved curriculum development process, will be prepared for each curriculum activity. Curriculum shaping
7. The curriculum shaping phase will produce a broad outline of the curriculum K−12 for each learning area. This outline is known as the Shape of the Australian Curriculum: < Area>. This paper provides advice on curriculum design and will guide writers. It will also provide a reference for judging the quality of the final curriculum documents. The shaping phase will typically involve three steps:

Step One – Identification of key issues and development of position paper The development of a paper that identifies and responds to key issues that need to be resolved before the commencement of writing the shape paper. This step will include the following actions. • Identification of key issues to be resolved by the Board • Establishment of a reference group to provide advice on options and preferred position on each issue • Environmental scan, analysis and review of existing policy and practice, nationally and internationally • Collation and consideration of existing state, territory and international examples of curriculum for the area. • Preparation of position paper for submission to the ACARA Board • Endorsement of the position paper by the Board

Step Two – Preparation of initial shape paper
The development of an initial shape paper outlining a proposal for to be the subject of national consultation. Lead writer(s) will prepare the paper in response to the following questions. - What is the rationale or purpose for the learning area?

- What are the broad aims for learning?
- What are the ‘big ideas’ that need to be understood, both by the teacher in delivering the curriculum and by learners? - What is the nature of knowledge, understanding and skill in the subject area? - How might learning in this area aid development of the general capabilities? -...
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