Currently the Jdf Is Infantry Oriented; Do You Think This Is the Best Approach

Topics: Infantry, Jamaica, Military Pages: 3 (949 words) Published: July 12, 2011


The infantry can be defined as soldiers or military units that fight on foot, in modern times typically with rifles, machine guns, grenades and mortars. More simply put the infantry is a branch of an army composed of infantry soldiers

In my opinion, the army being infantry orientated is the best approach. As the phrase states, “as goes the Infantry, so goes the Force” the infantry basically the feeder Unit for the rest of the Force. The Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) is a light infantry organization. The JDF, from its conception has fixed firmly its core into being infantry oriented. The predecessor of the JDF, the Jamaica Militia in 1662 was an infantry based militia. The West India Regiment, also since its formation, in its diverse forms since 1927, being a predecessor as well, was solely an infantry Regiment.

The infantry is the oldest division of combat arms and also infantries are the backbones of armies. An infantry unit’s training is more physically demanding than other branches of armies, and they place a greater emphasis on being disciplined, physically fit and the physical strength of its soldiers. All the units of the JDF, when required, will be ready to act in the capacity of an infantry man as each soldier has been trained basic infantry tactics and skills.

The JDF’s option to be infantry oriented is almost not an option, as when one thinks of the roles of an army which is mainly to defend its country, the infantry is the first that comes to thought. The infantry is synonymous to any army. Although there are my other roles of the JDF, the first and foremost role is to defend Jamaica against military or paramilitary threats and as such this is a role for the infantry. An Infantry man is efficiently trained to perform his duties effectively which over time has become second nature to him. Another role of the JDF is to assist the Jamaica...
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