Profession of Arms

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  • Published : November 14, 2011
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The profession of arms calls upon the skill and sacrifice of its members in ways that no other profession will. Reflecting upon nine years of combat, the Army is exploring the strengths that have sustained Soldiers and the challenges that they are facing as a profession. The Army has also made a commitment to education, efforts to sustain the bond of trust between the Army and the American public, and the impact of decentralized operations. What it means to be a profession and the unique challenges that the Army faces? I feel “you’re not a profession because you say you are”. “Profession is society’s way of organizing expert work, the kind of work it takes years to learn. Professionals act and practice their knowledge, which is expert knowledge.” “The professionals’ work is absolutely critical to the survival of the society,” going back to the gravity of a Soldier’s expert knowledge. True professionals are servants. They lead a life of servitude for the satisfaction of a job well-done.” I feel that the tension in the Army between an occupation-based culture and a profession-based culture. The campaign is seeking to leverage the successes of the Army to maintain it as a profession and avoid becoming an occupation-based culture. “I have never seen the Army so focused and as resilient as I see now”. “What is it about the profession that has helped achieve results [in Iraq and increasingly in Afghanistan]?” In my opinion I recommended that Soldiers recommit themselves to the culture of service, the topic of profession of arms would influence how they would feel about this discussion. We must keep the past, present and future in mind and be certain to rediscover the profession of arms and how it interacts with other professions. In the Army...
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