Current Trends in Communication

Topics: Communication, Public relations, Customer relationship management Pages: 8 (2773 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Current Communications Trends in Business

Kevin Lewis
MGT 350
October 18, 2012
Professor Traci Herrera

In the times we live in, communication and the technology that allows us to communicate have seen major advancements. I can remember being in college and having to actually leave my dorm room to make that track to a relatively unknown territory called the library. I left college and joined the military in 1991. During my entire time in the military, I can recall using a computer only once. Fast forward to 1997 and I am discharged from the military. My first real position, I was working for a company called Nortel. I was responsible for shipping and receiving of hardware for major clients. All my tracking and recording at this point was still done using a ledger book and pretty manual in nature. In 2001 nearly four years later, I was working for Interact Systems as a field technician repairing computers in several local grocery stores in the Philadelphia region. I also purchased my first personal computer for my home. So in a short span of five to six years, computers became an integral part of our business and our personal lives. Today, we have seen even a greater influence of computers in everyday life. I will be taking a look at these advancements, specifically the benefits and detriments of the technology and communications in business. Benefits of Current Trends in Communication for Business

When we look at the businesses today, most have a presence that is on the World Wide Web. Companies have now focused on the global consumer for the survival of their businesses. Technology has in essence removed a very vital barrier to allow this to happen. Technology has introduced new ways and means to allow companies to overcome these barriers. Now companies can reach international consumers, markets, link manufacturing firms, offices and people. A newly defined scope has emerged called globalization. Globalization has helped companies communicate efficiently with their partners worldwide and has helped to close the communication barrier of language. One area that has also benefitted corporations in this globalization process is offshoring. While offshoring is for the most part seen as a negative thing from the employee standpoint, it is a bottom line positive for a company. Now corporations can off-shore certain functions, processes, or even departments and technology allows for consistent communication at a cost savings. It is important to point out that with offshoring, communication is a vital area and technology such as email, telepresence, and various information sharing platforms have helped to make it viable. Telecommuting is another benefit of technological advances that are a benefit for corporations. Companies use telecommuting as a cost saving measure and at the same time an incentive for their workforce. Broadband internet access, various telepresence tools, instant messaging, and twitter have all been beneficial in ensuring that telecommuting is affective. Benefits seen as most important are quality of life improvements, increased productivity of workers, and lessen of “office politics”. For telecommuters to be productive, they need adequate tools for efficient communication. Communication then becomes very critical. If done properly, telecommuting can be beneficial. When we take a look at the consumer’s perspective, we can focus on a glaring benefit which is a trend and is growing. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a recent trend in communication for businesses. “CRM systems allow companies to better manage their customers and have available specific, real-time information about each customer. By using that information correctly, businesses can be more supportive of their clients and more successful in the marketplace.”  ("Sales Management Insight Your Source for Sales Management Intelligence"). The benefit of this new communication trend...
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