Current Business Problems

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Current Business Research Project
Corrupt business owners are being researched in order to put them out of business and allow non-corrupt business owners to succeed the business world. Several businesses were put under investigation after previous employees began propaganda against the corrupt businesses. The purpose of exposing corrupt business owners is to create equality for all businesses. The unfairness of  ethical business owners in which follow the law against those owners who are corrupt and may not like to pay their taxes or do not claim their complete profits has increased and exposed. In a study two thirds of all businesses were proven to leave the business industry with in their first three years. Some businesses went out of business due to the unbeatable prices of the competition. When a business begins corrupt practices it gives the business a higher probability to be successful. Success is not always easy, but there are hard working business owners who follow the laws and are shutdown. Unlike the corrupt business owners, who are corrupt and become millionaires. The data was collected by secondary sources, such as statistics from the employment agencies, business magazines and business census. Using alternative sources allowed the researchers to evaluate data from different perspectives. Researchers concluded that even though some business may be unethical they are still obeying the law. There may businesses that know what they are doing and how the business world is. Unlike other businesses who do not know what they are doing and simply end up closing their business. If the business world was corrupt there would be no businesses at all.

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