Current Analysis: Amber Alert

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  • Published : September 30, 2012
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Current Analysis: Amber Alert

Prior to the creation of the Amber Alert there was little recourse for parents who found themselves involved in child abduction. Parents could only rely on law enforcement officials to act quickly enough to bring their children home safely. In many cases law enforcement had very little information, and by the time the public became involved to aide in the rescuing of the missing children, precious time would have elapsed. The Amber Alert was created to quickly alert the public through the media or Emergency Broadcasting System, in the event of a child abduction. The Amber Alert has greatly affected the issue of child abduction by allowing the eyes of the public to quickly become involved in rescuing the missing child.

The Amber Alert was enacted as a powerful legacy to Amber Hagerman. Amber, a nine year old girl from Arlington Texas, was abducted on January 13,1996. She was found dead four days later in a storm drain by a man who was walking his dog. Amber’s killer was never found. Her parents soon after her death created P.A.S.O., People Against Sex Offenders. Her parents created P.A.SO in the hopes of collecting enough signatures to force Texas Legislation into creating more vigorous laws to protect children. They soon received several donations, including office space that allowed them to run their organization. They soon were able to acquire almost daily media coverage. Their work was soon noticed by local congressman Martin Frost. Soon after Martin Frost and Marc Klass drafted the Amber Hagerman Child Protection Act. In October 1996 (Davis 2005).

In July of 1996 Richard Hagerman attended a media symposium in Arlington with Bruce Seybert. At the symposium organizers of the event asked Seybert to speak instead of Mr. Hagerman. In Seybert’s speech, he spoke of measures that could be taken by law enforcement and media to assist in the speedy search and recovery of missing children. A radio station reporter who...
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