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Topics: Scotland, United Kingdom, House of Lords Pages: 4 (907 words) Published: May 20, 2013
- flag: red cross on the white ground,
- capital: London,
- the people: The English,
- symbol: the red rose,
- Patron Saint: St. George,
- Saint’s day: April 23rd.

| Scotland:
- flag: white diagonal cross on the blue ground,
- capital: Edinburgh,
- the people: The Scots,
- symbol: the thistle,
- Patron Saint: St. Andrew,
- Saint’s day: November 30th.|

Wales:- flag: red dragon on the white-green ground,
- capital: Cardiff,
- the people: The Welsh,
- symbol: the leek and the daffodil,
- Patron Saint: St. David,- Saint’s day: March 1st.

| Northern Ireland:
- flag: red diagonal cross on the white ground,
- capital: Belfast,
- the people: The Irish,
- symbol: the shamrock and the harp,
- Patron Saint: St. Patrick,
- Saint’s day: March 17th.|

Shetland Islands --> 80 km the north-east of Orkneys
Orkneys Islands --> the north of Scotland
Hebrides Islands --> the west coast of Scotland
Isle Of Man --> between England and Scotland
John O’Groat’s --> the northest point in Great Britain Land’s End --> the southest point in Great Britain

LOCH LOMOND – the largest lake in Scotland
BEN NEVIS – the highest mountain in Scotland and also in Britain LOCH NESS – also Scottish lake
CLAN – type of Scottish family group (each clan has different pattern of kilt) Mc/Mac – it means “son of…”; Scots names begin in this way. HADRIAN’S WALL – Roman building across a whole country – it means Scotland; border between England and Scotland.

Highland Games:
* it lasts May to September,
* it is like Scottish Olympics,
* there are hundred games,
* the most important game is Braemar Gathering, because the royal family watches this kind of game, * the place where the queen stays to watch this kind of game is Balmoral Castle, * another games: tug of war, highland fling and sword dance which are dance competition.

The Scotland is famous for:
* kilt made of tartan,
* bagpipe (musical,...
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