Culture Evaluation

Topics: India, Personal life, Maslow's hierarchy of needs Pages: 2 (513 words) Published: March 4, 2013
There are many cultural differences between America and India. Life in America is free and independent and gives rights of expression and personal development. Americans have privacy at home and in social settings. People do not intrude in your personal life, unless you want them too. We dress the way we want, travel when and where we want and are allowed to be passionate and appreciate everything. Americans are socially eccentric and are less dependent on one another for basic needs while living daily life. However, people in India, unless you are from a very prominent family, you are limited by your choices and are an interdependent human being. . There are personal development opportunities that you may be barred from because of the social and financial hurdles (Capital Group Companies, 2012). Peer pressure is not restricted to friends but also includes family and society. Culture plays a role in the persuasion used to argue what is allowed. In India people tend to judge one another based on their personal practices and lifestyles. In America, you have the freedom to live and have any lifestyle without be judged by others. So, with that Americans do not care much about others lifestyles. In America, you have the freedom to live and have any lifestyle without public harassment for the most part. Americans express their individuality and that alone would influence a debate or argument, in India it is based on their internal cultural differences. Furthermore, the view’s and interpretations of Indian population create many issues with cultural consequences. For example, a much needed mortician is low casted by society because he or she needs to consistently be around the dead and touch the dead even though death is a natural part of life (Wood, Jan 2009). Even religion and legends play an important role in Indian culture and lifestyle. To preserve the history of Indian migration, a southern tribe, preserves bloodlines by promising their children as spouses to...
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