Culture Clashes in Multi Cultures

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  • Published : February 8, 2013
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Ceylin Kocagöz
L3A 948
26th September 2012

Reflection #3
Culture Clashes in Multi-Cultures

In 21st century the most visible fact about society is that they comprise too many types of culture in it together. This is due to the cultural and physical wars which have existed for million years between big communities and also every single little one included in them. This multi-cultural structures societies are usually the return of the colonialism. Big and strong communities having the little and weak ones as colonies enforce them to live with each other who have different types of cultures and traditions.On the other hand multi-cultured societies also are consisting of different types of people who chose to live in the same area because of being suitable for life, having many chances for jobs and prosperious consumption and manifacturing. Sometimes this groups of people adapt to the situation but sometimes they create contrariness and clashes.

Kofi Annan, who is the Former Secretary-General of the United Nations uttered that in closly interconnected peoples the inter-cultural dialogue and respect for diversity form the principals of them. His point of view explains that if people strive to understand each other, listen each other and don't refuse before hearing their beliefs, traditions and protocols, respect other's thoughts and accept that everyone can have different characteristics and beliefs make closly interconnected groups more comfortable and peaceful. If people don't obey and accept this respectance then it is definite that clashes will occur in the society. Because human nature is prone to be conqueror in all of the conflicts and struggles. Because we love to win, be justified and prepondarent. When everyone thinks that they are right then a clash occurs because people tend to close their ears to hear all of the other different point of views and thoughts. Because of misunderstandings and disagreement between the cultures a terrific drama...
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