Analysis of Themes: Animal Kingdom

Topics: Crime, Morality, Religion Pages: 4 (1443 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Animal Kingdom
Question 12 - Explore how at least one theme has been constructed in this film. Theme – Two different worlds cannot coexist peacefully
* Our ability to fight and stir conflict is based upon the notion of a battle between differences. As humans, being different is what sets us aside, it is one of our greatest achievements. Yet this tendency to be different can also be one of our greatest flaws. In order for us to recognize where this conflict derives from, the origins of conflict must first be identified. Throughout our brief history, conflict between the occupants of this world have always been sparked through some facet of difference, these include: religion, ideology, political background, race, social standing, lifestyle and behavior. Whilst all of these facets vary in how they can be defined the one similarity that they all share is that in one individuals mind somewhere in the world, their facet of 'difference' is seen by them to be correct. In the movie “Animal Kingdom” this has been made clear during Sergeant Leckie’s monologue to J. Each world has many differences and as a result, there is uproar in conflict. We see that the monologue is used to symbolize that both worlds are in a constant battle between each other which results in conflict within the Cody family and J. Leckie refers to each world as strong or weak. Being strong or weak determines survival against your enemy, hence shows the ongoing battle and struggle for survival in these two worlds. This battle and the coming of both worlds results in an emotional conflict within J, he doesn't know which world to join as he is in the middle of both. Leckie states that “I know your Uncles are saying talking to me is betraying the family. But they’ve betrayed you. The fact that they’ve left you to deal with us is all the proof you need”. This quote represents the resulting emotional confusion within J. As well as this, Leckie also states that J’s “uncles can’t squirm out of this one”...
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