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  • Published: February 19, 2013
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Unglazed Pottery
Although the art of glazing pottery was known in India from ancient times, the finest pottery in India is of the unglazed variety. This unglazed pottery has a wide range. Very fine paper-thin pottery is produced in Kutch, Kanpur and Alwar. Alwar is known for paper-thin pottery called Kagzi. There are three different styles in unglazed pottery.

1. Paper thin, biscuit colored pottery with incised patterns. 2. Here the pot is polished, painted with red and white slips into intricate patterns while the outline is incised. The scrafito technique is used here. 3. In this style, highly polished pottery is given strong, deeply incised, stylized patterns of arabesques. The rest of the area is covered with rows of black dots and the contrast in color and texture gives the incised area greater prominence. Black pottery|

Kangra is noted for black pottery, which resembles the Harappan pottery style.Pokhran has stylized forms with incised decorative patterns. Kanpur makes thin pottery with incised designs. Meerut and Jhajjar make slim necked water containers called surahis. These are half -turned and half -moulded and have a variety of patterns and designs. Kutch is famous for pots, terracotta horses and elephants. The pots are made for different occasions like marriages, death, etc. Nizamabad in Uttar Pradesh is noted for black pottery with silver patterns worked in it. This is similar to the Bidar work of Andhra where oxidized gunmetal is inlaid with silver wire. | Glazed Pottery

Glazed Pottery|
In India, the making of Glazed pottery came into being with the advent of the Arab influence in India. Only a few centers in India are known for its production. Glazed pottery with white background and blue and green patterns is developed in Delhi, Amritsar, Jaipur, Khurja, Chunar and Rampur in Uttar Pradesh, and Karigari in Tamilnadu.|

Ceramic pots of Jaipur put up for sale |
Delhi, Khurja and...
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