Geometric Krater

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  • Published : January 26, 2006
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Geometric Krater
The Geometric Krater is a magnificent piece of Greek Art. In the eight century, vase painting became very popular. The vases show a great show a great variety of style and development over the centuries, beginning with the geometric and very linear style. They then continued through the oriental style which borrowed images from the eastern world, and into the classical era with mythology portrayed with as much classical accuracy as the ancient Greek potters and painters could muster. The majority of the vases were made of a ceramic material which could easily be used for everyday uses, however in this time, the artists would then paint on them in order to decorate them and make them ornate enough to be used for cultural or ceremonial uses such as grave markers. The Geometric Krater is a prime example of the vase painting movement in Greek art.

Originally made in approximately 740 B.C in Athens, Greece, the Geometric Krater was used as a grave marker in the Dipylon cemetery and now can be located in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. The vase stands about three and a half feet high and is in the ‘krater' shape. This shape is classified as having round body, a wide mouth, a heavy stand and a handle on either side, (Pottier). This specific vase was made to serve a purpose besides to decorate the grave site. It was made with holes "cut out of its bottom in order for liquid offerings to be poured to the dead," (Vlamis). The vase itself is golden, embellished with black and red geometric designs. These geometric designs are made up of intense details and intricate designs. The base of the vase is covered in thick black stripes separated by thinner and more decorative golden stripes. On the top half of the vase is where the designs become very intricate and are actually depictions of things. There are two main bands in which scenes are drawn out. Upon looking closely, one will see that the a funeral scene is represented....
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