Culture and Indian Movies

Topics: Bollywood, Culture, Cinema of India Pages: 4 (1514 words) Published: April 14, 2013
In ( July 11,2011) in article ‘’impact of Indian movies on Pakistani youth’’ it is stated that Indian actors and Indian movies are very much popular in Pakistani youth. In Pakistan the Bollywood movies are very much famous and the real reason of Indian movies popularity is the step by step downward of our Pakistani showbiz industry. It is said that Urdu language became famous all over the world because of Indian Movies. Indian movies are promoting Indian culture and you would obviously know that all the Indian movies are based on Hindu tradition. Indian movies and Indian dramas are great source for the promotion of Indian culture. Indian movies are doing the same thing with Pakistani nation. Indian Movies that which are responsible for the promotion of crimes in the society. Themes of the movies mostly conveys that in society you should be fight for your rights and mostly you should kill the people. By Tehreem Afzal (2012) in her article ‘’impact of Indian cinema on Pakistani culture’’ she stated that Indian movies are very much popular in our country and movies are very much seen in Pakistan. Bollywood is a largest showbiz industry in the world and one of the main reasons of great influence of Indian cinema in our society and culture is because of downfall of Pakistani showbiz industry. Pakistani cinema is going down and working poorly. Indian cinema is promoting its culture through its movies and dramas, which are totally based on Hindu tradition. they are influencing our culture and values by showing us their dramas and movies which are totally based on their artificial believes and they are catching attention of our people by showing so much fantasy , colours and glitters in their movies and dramas. Pakistani cinema is lacking all these elements. It is the need of the time that Pakistani cinema should be improved; it needs more attention of great investors and script writers, So that our people and society turns to watch their own cinema. Movies...
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