Culturally, We Are Becoming More Similar Across the Globe

Topics: Human rights, Globalization, Culture Pages: 7 (1817 words) Published: November 30, 2012
"Culturally, we are becoming more similar across the globe"

Apart from complicated definitions of the term "globalization", the matter requires focusing on a simple explanation of this concept. Indeed, globalization is recognized as an ongoing process that accompanies with it, noticeably, certain challenges, such as a wide range of integrated communities, regional economics, and cultures, through a wide range of communication and trading.

However, still the argument by all experts is corresponding to the theme whereas globalization provides similarity for individuals or not, at the cultural space. This paper articulates an in-depth discussion of this theme.

1- Globalization
Even though, globalization may be defined economically as a new integration of the entire global economies through the capital flows, migration, trading, technical spread, and basically foreign direct investment.

2- Culture and Globalization

Despite the fact that there are recently ongoing political, economic and even cultural uniformitarian of the world, relativism has been raised to the very urgent issues of a philosophical agenda, along with many other various disciplines. There is still the question, which is puzzling that all thoughts related to the concept of whether there is an extension of cultural diversity influence the products and activities of social and philosophizing science or not (Steger, 2009).

The opponents of global similarity built their vision on the importance of citizenship, even though the entire world became such a small village. To maintain citizenship reflects the fact of regular movements in many countries, simply to gain rights, and those different rights from other nations. National citizenship has its power and calls for the rights of citizens (Aronowitz, 2003).

Lechner (2004), states that one can consider the year 1989 as a representation of citizenship. Even recently, many national movements call for acquiring the full citizenship, which reflects more rights, responsibilities, and dignities. An example of the global movements is the Arab Spring Revolutions.

Globalization, it has took off in 1989 when the exponential growth in the analyses of the global universe began to call for a putative global reconstitution of political, economic, and cultural relationships as well. It has reflected the fact that people were living in a global village, as the struggles for citizenship have brought instantaneously and was living into their various homes (Krishna, 2008).

Indeed, the struggles for the citizenship has been seen in the fall of the Berlin Wall along with the crushing of the Pro-Democracy movement in China, were transmitted through the communication systems of global media.

3- Role of Media
Indeed, this term, “New Media” has been defined according to many theories and opinions. Notwithstanding, there are regular debate over its impact and the convergence. To sum up, both “New Media” and “Digital Revolution” have been employed interchangeably. Looking at the first term, new media, simply, indicates to profound changes, especially in the electronic communications, which back to 1980s, whereas digital revolution indicates to the influence of this rapid drop in the involved cost and as well this rapid expansion of digital devices’ power, such as telecommunications and computer. Additionally, this change brought with it certain increasing globalization, social and technological transformations, and mainly, these changes in the way by which persons can see themselves and the surrounded world.

Most importantly, this rapid change of technological revolution brings with it many challenges, especially which are corresponding with generating social changes focusing on these implicit virtues, values, and vices that are possessed by this rapid changed technology.

With the highest change of...
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