Culturally Different

Topics: Religion, United States, Human Pages: 1 (380 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Jasmina Mujkanovic
Interpersonal Communication

“Culturally Different”

In my life I have to interact with many people all the time who are culturally different. The hardest part for me was when I first came to the United States as an immigrant from Bosnia. To me, everyone was different. In my life I never seen a person of different color until I came to America. At first, when I started school in America, I was scared to talk to a person of a different color, but as I learned English, I also learned that these people are same just like me in many ways. I also had to interact with people of different religion and I though the other people of different religious groups would hate me because I was a Muslim. However, all my peers that I went to school with were okay with my religion and we all got along. As we as people may not be identical or have same characters, we are still humans and we all have same features.

When I first came to America I felt scared of other people. Maybe it was because I did not understand how to speak in English and I thought that everyone was laughing at me because of that. Like I mentioned, I was scared of people that were of different color. I thought they were going to hurt me. I thought they would come after me because they did not look like me. Memories of the war in Bosnia came to me as a child and I thought these people might do the same thing that happened to me in Bosnia. My communication was really hard at that time, I did not know how to speak and I used to cry all the time as a child. I thought that I always got in trouble in school because I did not understand English. As I learned myself through bilingual courses, I learned to speak and express myself to my peers and my teachers in elementary school. After I knew how to talk in English, I made a lot of friends, even the people who are different in color. I learned to communicate better and I learned about their cultures, and they were interested in my culture as...
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