Cultural Studies and Nell

Topics: English-language films, North Carolina, Cultural studies Pages: 1 (292 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Reflection Paper: Nell

Nell is a young girl, who was raised from the isolated world without any knowledge of civilization. She lived together with her mother and twin sister which were the only people she’d interact with since the day she was born. They live in a cabin in the forest of North Carolina. Nobody has ever met Nell. Due to her isolation, Nell never learned how to speak any language aside from the made up language which she and her twin sisters use to communicate. Her mother can’t also speak properly because of her stroke which distorted her language. When Nell’s mother died, Dr. Jerome Lovell a nice local doctor discovered her existence. Dr. Lovell asks the help of her friend Dr. Paula Olsen who is a psychology student. Dr. Olsen’s boss, Dr. Alexander Paley wants to study Nell in their laboratory believing that Nell is a “rare wild child”. But Dr. Lovell is not convinced in Dr. Paley’s plan. He believes that Nell is not mentally subnormal and should be left to live with her familiar environment. Dr. Lovell always wanted to help Nell and pull her out from her year-long isolation but somehow realize that it was better if Nell stay in her so called “home”. But finally, press intrusion convinces him that Nell can’t stay where she is. Nell’s case goes to court which orders months of study of Nell’s situation before deciding what should be done with her. Dr. Lovell and Dr. Olsen took this opportunity to know more about Nell. This is where their realization of what should be done with Nell came to sense. But still, they don’t want Nell to be studied for the sake of experiment and discoveries inside the laboratory.
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