Nell: Church and Culture

Topics: Religion, Bible, Knowledge Pages: 2 (506 words) Published: December 19, 2012
How did lack of socialization impact the way that Nell viewed the world around her? The lack of socialization impacted Nell's view on the world around her because it left her more knowledgeable about those that surround her. Nell looks more deeply into the souls of those she meets rather then judging. She does not often speak while out in society but quietly assesses everything and everyone that surrounds her. In court Nell states "You have big things. You're knowing big things. But you're not seeing into each others' eyes. You're aching after quietness. I've lived a small life. I know small things" she thinks that everyone out in the world only pays attention to what will make them better then everyone else; That they do not know how to pay attention to the smaller things in life, such as she does. How did a lack of a peer group impact Nell's childhood?

Nell's childhood was impacted by lack of peer group because when her twin sister-may- died she never knew how to 'grow up', or how to properly act with other people her own age. She continued to play with her twin sister inside a mirror and her own head, although if Nell would have had a peer group influence she may have been able to overcome the 'twin speak' and been able to properly correspond to others in society. Not having a role model in her life to help guide her; left her outer image to began to age, but kept her mind as a child’s.

A lack of religious group impacted Nell overall because without a community of others to help guide her beliefs, and what is right and wrong,left her to solely believe in the bible as a literal text. She never truly understood what the bible was saying or meant but she still tried to believe in her faith. When Jerry came to Nell she seemed to believe he was her 'Guardian angel' and was there to save her. Nell throughout the movie doesn't seem to understand the actual concept of religion, although with the help of a religious community she would have been able to...
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