Cultural: Research and Reyes Professor Sen

Topics: Research, Sociology, Anthropology Pages: 2 (369 words) Published: May 11, 2013
Kimberly Reyes

Professor Sen

English 102

8 May 2013

Research Log – Final Entry

You will use this for your oral presentation.

1. When I started to research, I knew the following about my topic.

After doing some research for Paper I’s investigative question which consisted of the word “identity”, I found out that identity basically defined who you are as an individual. As for what culture was, my insight was that it meant religion, the customs we had for celebrations or specific holidays and the way we dressed.

2. Now that I have completed my paper, this is what I have discovered.

Through the research that I did for my paper I found out that an individual’s cultural identity can be shaped not only by religion or race, but also by socioeconomic status and gender, that although our culture may cause conflict, it’s the best way of being social with others, and that each cultural group makes up their own norms or rules for accepted and proper behavior.

3. As I started the research process, my investigative question was: Does our cultural identity create conflict within our society?

4. My original claim was: In a world where being “different” and having diversity are seen as potential problems, our cultural identity can lead to disputes in the organized society we live in.

5. After I completed my paper, my claim has changed to: (Write down the thesis statement here) Whether it’s the religion, race or disability of our cultural identity, they are able to create conflict in our society.

6. The following is what I have discovered as I read the literature for this class and researched “identity”: Through the stories we read in the Literature: The Human Experience: Reading and Writing book and the researching I did based on identity, I...
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