Cultural Diversity

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Cultural Diversity

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2010-2011 School Year

Cultural Diversity Essay Contest
Grade 4 Topic (Local)

Describe the changes that immigrants have brought to the cultural landscape in Manassas and Virginia.
Virginia Studies
Specific Standards of Learning: VS.4b The student will demonstrate knowledge of the life in the Virginia colony by: a.) describing how European (English, Scotch -Irish, German) immigrants, Africans, and American Indians (first Americans) influenced the cultural landscape and changed the relationship between the Virginia Colony and England.

Immigrants have contributed in so many ways to Manassas. They own business, restaurants, and work for other people. Their work ethic inspires me and other people to work hard at something too. In America, you can achieve great things by going to school, working hard, and being positive. I really like experiencing their cultures and traditions with them. I think immigrants make this community a better place for everyone.

Grade 5 Topic (Regional)

People come to America from all over the world. Immigrants contribute to the rich diversity that makes our country great. Choose a region of the Unites States and discuss the cultural and economic contributions of the immigrants who live in that region.

Specific Standards of Learning: The student will explore the Northeast Region (NAG5.3d), Southeast Region (NAG5.4d), the American Mid-West Region (NAG5.5d), the American Southwest Region (NAG5.6d), the American West (NAG5.7d), Neighboring Countries Mexico (NAG5.8d), Neighboring Countries Central American (NAG5.9d), Neighboring Countries Caribbean Islands (NAG5.10d), and Neighboring Countries Canada (NAG5.11d) by: describing the population including: early settlements, historically significant events and places and cultural characteristics.

Grade 7 Topic (National)

Manassas is a unique and diverse community. We are fortunate to have influences from all around the world. Write about the contributions that immigrants have made to our community and how these contributions have enhanced your life.

U.S. History II
Specific Standards of Learning: USII.3b The student will demonstrate knowledge of how life changed after the Civil War by explaining the reasons for the increase in immigration, growth of cities, new inventions, and challenges arising from this expansion. Including understanding the reasons for increasing immigration. Reason include but are not limited to: hope for better opportunities, religious freedom, escape from oppressive government, and sense of adventure.

6+1 Trait Scoring Criteria: Ideas and Organization


Patrick Duffy
Metz Middle School
7th Grade
June, 2011
Honorable Mention
Immigrants have contributed a lot to our community. In Manassas, almost every nationality is represented. There are more jobs and businesses because immigrants work hard. Immigrants also have different cultures and traditions that other people like participating in too. There are many various cultures and traditions people get in the habit of celebrating, even if it’s not their particular culture. Everyone should try a different culture’s traditions because chances are, they’re fun!

There are several traditions celebrated in our community. Manassas has a large Hispanic population so we get to see their important holidays. For Mexican immigrants, Cinco de Mayo is an important date in their history. Not only Mexican people celebrate it, but many other people too. In school, we learned what happened and the importance of Cinco de Mayo. Cinco de Mayo celebrations are always happy and cheerful; it’s also my birthday, so it’s twice the fun. When I was smaller, I always had a piñata at my party. This is usually part of a Mexican party. If we didn’t have any Mexican people living in...
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