Cultural Difference Between America and Brazil

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  • Published : July 31, 2013
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Cultural Difference between America and Brazil


Peter Grove

June 17, 2013

University of Phoenix

Cultural Differences

The communication methods of the Brazilian culture rely on stern, structured, and organized representation. The system of hierarchy is firmly followed within the workplace, but all relies on clear communication and direction to then individuals. When altering communication and arguments from culture in the United States, it is important to focus on remaining personable, while giving direct and clear communication. Brazilian culture requires individuals of all positions to show authority and respect in a professional environment. Brazilians are tactile this transfers over into their presentation of arguments. They also like to maintain eye contact for long periods of time when conducting business or presenting their arguments. As an American it is wise to remember to adapt to the other culture ways and partake in eye contact or you might not be taking seriously. Brazilians believe if you are reserved that you are unfriendly which could cause harm to both business communication and social interactions. Americans use humor to reduce the seriousness in a room but in Brazil humor using humor in business communication could possibly be interpreted as a not taking the situation serious. Here in America we think punctuality while Brazilians are more relaxed. Brazilians tend to move to a slower pace that carries over into business which has often delayed or cancelled meetings with no prior warnings. Here is America you are expected to give a warning if you are running late or will be cancelling a meeting if not you are considered rude for not considering the other persons time. In America if you are scheduled for a business meeting you can expect the meeting to last 1 hour unless noted that it may take longer. However in Brazil it is common for meeting to last...