Differences Between American and Brazilian Women

Topics: Woman, Brazil, Marriage Pages: 3 (970 words) Published: November 8, 2011
If someone asks what are the differences between American and Brazilian women, it appears, at first sight, the answers might be they have perceptive physical characteristics and language that differ from each other. However, whoever had the privilege of being long enough in both countries; such as me, may notice that the most differences concerning American and Brazilian women are of cultural orders since the two countries attach different importance to the same values. Nevertheless, there are a lot of Brazilian women who live in the U.S that take full advantages of these differences to have a better life here than in Brazil. First at all, American women work more than Brazilians. Here there are higher wages (which are paid every week or every two weeks) even for unskilled workers. For example, it is paid up to $ 30 per hour for a babysitter, when in Brazil it is paid around $ 350 per month. Besides, the number of holidays here is absurdly small compared to Brazil, and the vacations are one week per year; on the other hand, in Brazil vacations are a whole month. In addition, in the US, when women reach forty years old, employers are not allowed resign them because of their age; on the contrary, they will hire them for the experience, because it counts a lot here. That is far from happening in Brazil where being younger is crucial to get a job. So, many Brazilian women who live in the U.S. have a better quality of life than in their own country even if they replace a skilled job by an unskilled one. Also, American women are less connected to family than Brazilian women. As they work a lot, they have less time to take care of their children, so they usually become mothers late. Brazilian women; instead, give birth too early. I particularly had seen friends of mine getting pregnant before graduating from high school, and because of that they could not go to a college, or work. Furthermore, American are ambitious and do not like to rely on men to afford...
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