Cultural Considerations

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  • Published : July 29, 2012
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Cultural Considerations

It is important when treating people from a different culture than your own to consider the differences between your own culture and theirs. Some cultures would find what you consider a normal behavior offensive or disrespectful. You should have a good idea of the differences in your culture compared to other cultures. You should also, respect the differences to avoid any miscommunication between you and the patients or even your coworkers.

African Americans have a higher rate of illness than the dominant race in America. This racial group has a higher rate of “heart disease, stroke, cancer, HIV/AIDS, asthma and diabetes, as well as a higher rate of infant mortality” (Gordy, 2011). This can be attributed to poor eating habits and not enough exercise which is exacerbated by the fact that a large percentage of African Americans in the United States live in low income neighborhoods. Low income neighborhoods generally have a shortage of grocery stores and are over populated with liquor stores.

“According to Christensen, a physician and a chair of the CBC Health Braintrust, African Americans living in low income neighborhoods where the industries polluting the environment are located, there are no grocery stores within walking distance, and no transportation to take them to the stores that have healthier food items” (Gordy, 2011). People in low income neighborhoods are often, forced to shop at the corner store or the liquor store and the choices there are limited and seldom healthy choices. Low income neighborhoods are also over populated with fast food restaurants and no gyms or safe parks and trails to allow adults to get the exercise they need. It is important to be aware of these facts when communicating with someone who is African American and from a low income neighborhood.

When the patient is discharged you may ask them if they have access to a pharmacy to get their prescription filled and if they don’t have access to a...
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