Cuban Missile Crisis and Soviet Military Position

Topics: Cuban Missile Crisis, Soviet Union, Cold War Pages: 2 (359 words) Published: October 27, 2012
1.What were the major objectives of the Soviet Union in its decision to place offensive missiles in Cuba? The first and foremost American objective was to have the Soviet missiles removed from Cuba. Even though the motive for the Soviet decision as strategic in the broad sense, it included political advantages as well because a general improvement in the Soviet military position offered enticing prospects for specific gain in foreign policy.

2.The decision making of the Executive Committee in the Cuban missile crisis took place in the presence of several constraints. What were those constraints? The executive committee was also constrained by limited information To be sure, it was known that offensive missiles were being placed in Cuba, but the full extent of the Soviet place and the timetable were unknown. The biggest constraint was time. Every day the Soviets were permitted to complete

3.In what ways did the constraints in the Cuban missile crisis influence the choice of a blockade? After systematically searching for alternatives and finally decided on a blockade, time and a significance rarely found in the decision-making process. One of the disadvantages of a blockade was that it might precipitate Soviet retaliation on Berlin. Finally, the greatest single drawback of a blockade was time.

4.What evidence shows that the decision makers in the Cuban missiles crisis were using a judgmental decision making strategy to obtain a satisficing outcome? The Iranian hostage crisis will be described as a decision-making situation that occurred at the national level. It will be compared with the Cuban missile crisis in context of the special evaluation framework. The decision-making of this case ended with the aborting of the rescue mission on April 25, 1980.

5.In what specific ways is the Iranian hostage crisis a particularly good example of a Type D strategic decision? Actually, in the Iranian hostage crisis, the decision makers waited too long to use...
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