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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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When a conflict arises with a colleague I ensure that I take this member of staff to a private area and arrange to discuss this properly at a relevant time for us both, If this arises quickly and this member of staff starts to discuss this in public I would try to calm this member of staff down and explain it’s not the time or place to do this in a respectable manner and move it to an office or an empty room. If the subject was serious I was ask another member of staff to witness the conversation. I would ensure that I was being open and honest and direct to the point being fair and given the person there time to speak, I would ensure that I was listening properly and show that I am giving them there time to speak and to be listened to. We would need to reach an understanding of common goals of issues that has arised. I had a conflict with a staff member and had to follow this process the outcome was good and we reached an understanding and didn’t have to take it any further, if this wasn’t the case then I would have to take it further by making it more official by taking it to a disciplinary, this would involve us writing a formal letter to a meeting to then address the situation. We would then have a second member of management to back up what’s said as this is now an official investigation that would now require a written response.
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