Ctlls Unit 2 Planning and Enabling Learning

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Planning and Enabling learning unit 2

I used the internet to research all areas of planning and enabling learning in unit 2, as I felt it offered depth and detail, as well as convenience. However, I also referred to Planning and Enabling Learning in LLLS by Ann Gravells & Susan Simpson, as well as Geoff Petty Teaching Today - A Practical Guide.

As a result of my research I am now able to recognise and define the process Initial Assessment and the connection it bears with negotiating with learners, as well as agreeing goals and actions. During the course of my research I have gained an awareness and depth of knowledge into the significance of Inclusive learning; I can now confidently adapt session plans, and delivery methods to suit individual learners and their unique learning styles to help ensure success in learning. Research suggests the integration of functional skills into our teaching further enriches learners, and so as a result of this study I am now aware of how and when to embed functional skills into my teachings in order to accommodate the necessity of acquiring and maintaining a level of standard when demonstrating these skills . Finally conducting this research has enabled me to acquire a greater understanding into the process of communication, and various methods of communication that can be utilised during the delivery of a lesson to ensure information given is clear and understood.

I conducted my research using predominantly the internet due to the vast amount of information that is available. My rationale for using this method of research was one of convenience and time management. Although information can be accessed immediately I soon discovered the amount of information was so vast, and not always relevant. Consequently, I did on occasion find myself going through reams and reams of information before finding exactly what I was are looking for, this in which case can be extremely distracting. In this instance I used the resources available at the local community library as well as the learning resource centre based on campus. Using the more traditional methods of research complimented the use of the internet as the availability of an index in specialist books offered ease for the information required within the book was easily locatable.

I began by researching negotiating with learner’s and due to the depth and complexity I decided to break my research down into sub sections to produce a rationale of each of my findings; 1). Initial assessment and 2). Agreeing goals and actions. This enabled me to work methodically, and consider each point and the relation it bears to negotiating with learners. This method worked well, and so I continued with this approach throughout my studies.

This method enabled me to explore each point in depth and in return offered structure and clarity to each area of research, allowing me to draw on information, and refer to relevant points. This in turn, supported me in developing my understanding in each area, allowing me to review and evaluate in order to produce this document on my findings.

Negotiating with learners

1).Initial Assessment
Initial assessment is carried out at the beginning of a new competency and is designed to identify factors that will enable the learner to achieve the aims and objectives of their course. It is a holistic approach of which is used to begin the process of getting to know the learner, identifying abilities, previous learning experiences, interest’s, aspirations, targets, goals and learning needs associated with those goals. This information would then be used for negotiating a course or programme. Initial assessment is the first measurement of selected learning outcomes in an assessment system, allowing us as teachers to chart progress by providing a starting point for assessment.

There are many methods that are used in initial assessment; Completion of an application form...
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