Csr Strategy for Eicher Motors

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1) If you would be the CEO of Eicher Motors, which other CSR activities you would have undertaken that would have aligned well with the current CSR activities?

The case study on Eicher Motors CSR activities manifests a lot about company’s sincere interest towards socio-economic development, environment and community upliftment. The Company seems to have promoted various initiatives through EMP program and formulated mitigation measures to address environmental concerns/risks.

Current CSR initiative taken by Eicher Motors Ltd.
* EMP program: It includes maintenance of ecological balance, waste management, pollution control, and many other programs under EMP. * Water Conservation: EML also implicated Rainwater Harvesting to harness the forces of nature to conserve water. * Energy Conservation: Switch to clean energy options such as windmill power and CNG, implementing best possible actions to save resources such as water, power, and fuel. * Fuel Conservation: Development of BS: II compliant engine as a pro-active step leading to an ecologically cleaner product. * Employees’ Welfare Programs: At EML, they value their employees as backbone of the company and they support numerous schemes for them. * Rural Education Reform: Three CBSE affiliated English medium schools, which provides quality education at different rural locations. * Healthcare: Dr.Shroff Charitable Eye Hospital (Delhi) enables people to receive quality eye care facilities, a satellite clinic in Alwar (Rajasthan) are some commendable efforts concerning healthcare by Eicher. * Road Safety: In this field also they’ve been instrumental in providing and maintaining all traffic light equipments in the entire city of Indore (Madhya Pradesh).

Given the chance to represent EML as a CEO I would’ve seconded the CSR initiatives encapsulated in the subject case study. The management team at EML has already exercised myriad of steps on the CSR front which are laudable; however, in addition to these I would like to propose some other ideas that will help them to distinguish their image from the competitors in the mind of consumers and bolster community goodwill, create social impact and visibility.

Proposed initiatives for Eicher are:

Women Empowerment: Empowering female one of the areas that has been neglected by EML. Programs espousing training cum employment, education, health for women/girl child, discouraging gender discrimination are some of the areas where EML should work. * Tata Motors Grihini Social Welfare Society/Tata Second Career, for income generation among women. * DLF’s Women Self Defense Programs.

* HUL’s Shakti Entrepreneur Project for rural women reform.

Strategic Partnerships: Another important thing missing from EML’s CSR strategy is the absence of strong alliance with some global NGOs or Government. Company can gain positive results from NGO’s proficient knowledge, training, or dedication to carry out development program. * Starbucks works successfully with NGOs to promote sustainable and fair coffee production practices. * DLF Learning Excellence Centers; operational in 25 villages by involving the Government. * For every UPC code mailed, Scott Paper donates five cents to Ronald McDonald House. Focus on a strong Cause-Related Marketing: IN 2002 a poll conducted by Cone Communications discovered that “84% of respondents say they would likely to switch brands to one associated with a good cause, if price and quality are similar.” They should promote some strong cause to build goodwill. * The Body Shop promotes their strong stand against animal testing. * Yoplait’s (General Mills) sponsors breast cancer research. * Aircel’s SAVE OUR TIGERS campaign.

Accreditation of Voluntary Codes: There are number of Voluntary Codes which is awarded to an organization for its social accountability i.e. ILO, ISO-9000, ISO-14000, ISO-26000, OECD, LEED, GRI, CERES etc. An official affiliation with...
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