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Topics: Negros Occidental, Childhood, Negros Pages: 3 (891 words) Published: January 28, 2013
Name: Mary Grace Calalas BSBA-4Date: October 25, 2012
Subject: CSR Teacher: Miss Cherrie Grace Abkilan
Child Labor Free Barangay Campaign
MGC Dress and Shoes Corporation

“Child Labor Free Barangay Campaign”

This program is designed to help less fortunate and those children that at the young age they already work for their family. In this program we’re going to have a solution for those child laborers for them to be minimized. The company will use their funds to have this program and by the help of the community we have been donations that get from different places. The purpose of this program also is to promote a harmonious relationship with those people who are homeless or hopeless, those less fortunate and child laborers III. OBJECTIVE

The objective of this project is to strengthen measures against child labor and exploitation and prevent and eliminate the worst forms of child labor through strategic partnerships, intensified advocacy and action at all levels, and improving access to quality and integrated services. This program wants to achieve their organizational goal to minimize those child laborers in our society. The basic objective of this CSR program is taking firm and committed action to promote and carry out the DOLE's child labor-free barangay campaign in Cauayan.

In this program, the beneficiaries of this are those people that are those child laborers. Children aging 15 years old and below who works to sustain the needs of their family. Specifically this program is design to those children who works in the farm, in the factory and also in the sea.

This program will be held every Saturday morning at Cauayan Negros Occidental. The company prepares school supplies and relief goods that will be collected from the society. First the child laborers should There are 20 persons that are assign in 4 stations. Each station contains...
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