Csr on Chevron and Kellogg's

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In business world companies are interested in how to maintain or increase shareholder values and profit. So, in order to give something back to the general public, those companies have to assume their responsibilities by being aware of the effects of their activities in the community and take measures to control them because this can affect the community and the environment by polluting the air, destroying the ecosystem, over using natural resources and so on. CSR is often called corporate citizen which means that companies should be good neighbors of the community not to work against it but collaborate with the citizen or the society in order to increase their welfare, to make a community a better place to live. (catalyst consortium, july 2002) What Corporate Social Responsibility is all about?

In the other hand companies have to limit the excess damage on the environment, and help people in the economic development this is a way of behaving ethically in a business, cooperate with loyal spirit, ethical values, global measures and develop a general positive impact of the business on the society. when a company choose to be socially responsible they better be prepared to go through some difficulties and critics about the way they operate, and the goals they want to achieve and must not forget the main purpose of the business which is making profit,

Chevron’s background:
* CHEVRON is an American second oil company which has been founded in 1879 by an American group of explorers since then chevron has changed its name more than once but it took its name “chevron” in 1984 and it has worked with many other oil companies like Texaco and many more, the company now have 58,000employees and 4,000 service station employees.(chevron, 2011)

* KELLOGG’S is a company which produce product comes from cereals the company has started in 1906 by W.K KELLOGG’S in USA, it started with 44employeees but now it has become one of the big company in the world which sell its products in about 180 countries around the world (kellogg's, 2011) So now we are going to see how these companies operate in social responsibility in environment and community its work in As chevron company which produce oil, it has a huge responsibility to defend its activities for it to keep a good impression from the society so this is how it operate in CSR:

Environment| chevron| Kellogg’s| | * protect environment in Indonesia include animals in a park by providing it energy and support guards * Promote agriculture and help farmers in that same region * Water treatment : like clean a pond into fresh water so that people can use the former pond in agriculture * Create committee called ESHIA (environment, social and health impact assessment), in charge of studying a project prior to execution to ensure if is not a threat or a danger to the environment so that the ESHIA can see how to avoid it or reduce the negative consequences it have on the environment(chevron, 2011)| * its aim is to decrease the quantity of GHG they send into the atmosphere * new system of environment protection called K-CAPP (cares about people and planet) in supervising every Kellogg’s factory in context of avoid danger * prevent lack of water: reduce water consummation of their product where they replace the former method of cleaning their crops with dry technique to the wet system of cleaning * packaging recycle : the statistics shows that 93% of Kellogg’s waste is recycled and the 7% is used in nursing animals and producing energy (kellogg's, 2010)|

CHEVRON and KELLOGG’S are both involved in the conservation of the environment and try to limit the damages caused by their activities on the ecosystem and guaranty the safety of the people who are using their products, it comes to wonder if what companies tell us is real .For example...
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