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MA1506 Mathematics II 2010/2011 Semester 2 Instructions for Lab Component/Assignment The lab component for the module will consist of three self-study sessions and one assignment which will count towards 5% of your final grade. Aim: Students are expected to learn basic skills in one of the following scientific computation software: MATLAB or scilab, and make use of the software to graph and solve mathematical problems involving differential equations and linear algebra. Deadline for submission of Lab Assignment:  1 pm Tuesday 22nd March 2011 Lab Sessions:  There will be three lab worksheets altogether  Students are to download the worksheets from IVLE Workbin  Students are expected to work on the worksheets during their free time  MATLAB is installed in S17-#03-03. Students may access these two labs during office hours for their practice  scilab will be available for download from the Workbin  The lab exercises are meant to complement the lectures. For maximum learning students are recommended to work on the worksheets according to the following schedule. Schedule: Week 3 Week 5 Weeks 6 - 9 Term Break 22nd Feb 2011 22nd Mar 2011 Worksheet 1 Worksheet 2 Weekly Clinic sessions Worksheet 3 Assignment worksheet available Deadline for assignment submission

1506 Lab Clinics:  Graduate tutors will hold clinic sessions to help students in case they have difficulties in the lab.  These are walk-in sessions, no appointments are necessary  Check this link for latest update: http://ww1.math.nus.edu.sg/clinic-lab.htm  Timings: Weeks 6, 7, 8 and 9 (Exclude term break)  Mondays 1100 - 1200  Tuesdays 1300 - 1400  Wednesday 1500 - 1600  Thursday 1600 - 1700  Friday 1000 - 1100  Venue of clinic session: S17 #03-03 Page 1 of 4

FAQ:  Why are there no formal lessons on how to use the software? It is critical for undergraduates to be able to learn new skills on their own in order to adapt well to the working world. Past experience has shown that the skills/knowledge required for the lab component can be acquired through self learning from the worksheets and assignments. Introduction videos will be provided to initiate the self-learning process and clinic sessions will be provided for students who need more help. 

Why are there two softwares MATLAB and scilab? MATLAB is a licensed software and students need to use the terminals in the lab in order to utilise the software, whereas scilab is freeware and students can download it into their own computer or notebook.

Should I choose to use MATLAB or scilab? You can choose either, but we advise you to use scilab since you can access it at your convenience from your own computer/notebook.

Why are there two sets of worksheets? There are some differences in the commands for MATLAB and scilab, otherwise, the worksheets and the exercises inside are identical. You only need to work on one set.

Would there be a difference in grades for students choosing to use MATLAB compared to students who use scilab? No.

Can I use any other software other than MATLAB and scilab? No. The lab worksheets and assignment are based on these two software.

Can I use other versions of MATLAB or scilab? Try to use MATLAB v6.5 or scilab 4.1.2. Worksheets, assignments and solutions were created using these two versions. Different versions may give different results.

scilab 4.1.2 is not the latest version, is it compatible with vista/windows 7/Linux/OS X/Tiger/Leopard/HelloKitty? I have tested scilab 4.1.2 on XP and vista and it seemed to work fine. If you are unable to get scilab to work on your own computer, please use the terminals in our lab S17-#03-03. Page 2 of 4

I am reading/have passed IT1005, can I be exempted from the lab assignment? No, the aim is to teach you to use the software to solve mathematical problems. What is covered in our sessions may or may not overlap with what is taught in IT1005.

Do students who have read/passed...
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