Cross Culture Interactions

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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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Cross-Cultural Interactions
Can you imagine a situation where you can meet someone who looks different than you and speaks a different language and travel thousands of miles without much difficulty but encounter many obligations just to travel approximately 100 miles? This is the relationship that India and Pakistan holds. Even after 65 years of parting, India and Pakistan has failed to establish a normal relationship. According to a report in the Indian-based Hindu, on January 8, the leader of the Indian delegation, Brigadier T.S. Sandhu, said that India reserves the right to retaliate until Pakistan issues a public apology for an alleged cross- border raid. At this flag meeting, “two Indian soldiers were reportedly killed, with one of them subsequently beheaded” (Perera, 2013). Tensions between India and Pakistan along the Line of Control in the disputed Kashmir region remain acute even after the partition in 1947. Even after several efforts by the civil society in both countries, the states refuse to surrender and help in establishing the trust between India and Pakistan. However, People in both countries have showed that they can leave the past behind and build strong bonds of friendship among each other. N. Jayaram in his article Celebrating with the people of Pakistan, stated that “ almost all have spoken of being treated courteously, restaurateurs refusing paying for tea, snacks or meals on learning the diner was from the other side of the border, and countless similar gracious gestures”(Jayaram, 2012). These acts of kindness display that there still exists brotherhood among these two different cultures. Therefore, cross cultural interactions can lead to destruction but it also leads to love, care, and trust for one another even more during the time of crisis. To perpetuate cross cultural interactions and how constructive interactions can result in destructive interactions, we examine the relationship of the two main characters in Mr. and Mrs. Iyer and...
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