Kashmir Problem

Topics: Jammu and Kashmir, Kashmir, Partition of India Pages: 3 (1020 words) Published: February 22, 2011
Kashmir problem - Islamic Republic of Pakistan v/s Secular Republic of India Kashmir problem is with the world since 1947, the year of the partition of India.  Indian part of the Kashmir is about 45 percent of the original Kingdom of the Jammu and Kashmir, about 35 percent is now in Pakistan, and China has occupied the other 20 percent in 1962.  The UN and the U.S want both sides to keep on the discussions, but the important question is on what basis the discussion can take place.  The unresolved status of the Jammu and Kashmir dispute has pushed India and Pakistan  to three wars in addition to three minor ones. The Background of the Problem

Problems started in 1947 when British were leaving India after the partition and  the Muslims had  demanded a separate homeland for themselves, to be called as Pakistan. When Pakistan became independent, they attacked the princely state of Jammu and Kashmir in the guise of tribal Pathans on 20th October 1947. Since the Maharaja by that time had not decided to join the Indian Republic, the Indian Army did not intervene.  In one of its greatest mistake in the history, the Indian Government under so-called Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, did not think of protecting  the Kashmir borders, till The Maharaja of  Jammu and Kashmir asked India for help and finally joined India on 26th October 1947.  However, by that time Pakistan had already occupied almost half of the Kashmir.  The UN Security Council resolution of April 1948 had suggested a plebiscite for the people of Kashmir, but only after it would be vacated by Pakistan; India would be allowed to maintain some forces to maintain the law and order.  Pakistan never vacated the area and as a result, the referendum never went through.  During the last 56 years, a lot of demographic changes took place.  The most notable one is the expulsions of the non-Muslim communities both from the Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) and also from the Srinagar valley of the Indian held Kashmir. ...
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