Cross Cultural Management

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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The impact of cultural differences on interactions and communications is large to a certain extent. Culture refers to the refinement of individuals, usually though educations. It also refers to one’s ideas and beliefs, to make their environment better, consequently, their lives better.

Different countries, race, and religion give people different cultures. When interacting with people of varying cultures, we might say wrong things that are offensive towards them and unknowingly subsequently getting into their bad books. Therefore, the impact of culture during interaction with others is important.

Firstly, cultures vary from countries to countries. In different countries, people experience their own unique cultures. They believe in extraordinary things that could make their country a better place to live in.

For example, in the Southern part of the United States, they believe in the culture of honor. This is a culture where people avoid unintentional offense to others and maintain a reputation for not accepting improper conduct from others.

At the same time, it is the desperation of the male family members about protecting the girls from everything that might be a threat to their family and friends, and it is deeply rooted within the families. In this culture, girls and women are greatly oppressed by men. Young girls are also not allowed to participate in any forms of outdoor activities like swimming and field trips, even to the extent whereby fathers and brothers have killed their daughters or sisters whom they suspected had love affairs with boys in order to preserve their family honor. Girls are not allowed to marry whomever they want and sexual activities before marriage is strictly forbidden and also unforgivable, so as to say, marriage are often arranged by parents or elderly. However, in this culture, men always have great respect toward women, ladies should not be insulted by men, and men will be greatly responsible for any insults towards...
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